A Quick Look at Casino Online Slots

Online Casino Slots

Playing the rows of slots games at a brick and mortar casino is one of the most popular game scenarios ever created for entertainment, and certainly one of the most profitable. These reel spinning type machines were invented more than a century ago, in America, and within a short space of time overtook table games in casinos in terms of popularity. Casino online slots are just as exciting, and similarly dominate the casino game industry, often accounting for some 70% of turnover at the general online sites.

Having said that, the whole casino games menu, already generating a huge industry, is still maintaining an impressive rate of ongoing growth and diversity. In order for this industry to attract new players, and in competition for new players, online casino sites offer a large range of attractive bonuses to both new players and loyal members. Players should always shop around, initially at least so that they get the most from this enjoyable and lucrative form of virtual entertainment.

The Types of Casino Slot On Offer

Casino online slots are to a large extent the same exciting games as can be found in a land-based casino. The range of slots available similarly start with the three line three-reel game, the classic slots, where players win by lining up the symbols on any of the three lines. The payoffs are structured proportionally and listed in a pay table.

Then you have the five line three-reel game. This game pays off on three lines, horizontally as well as diagonally. An interesting phenomenon in online slots games is that the odds do change, depending on the denomination of the bet. Playing at a higher stake level in any of the table games such as blackjack, roulette or craps makes no difference to the odds, however it does change at slots.

Then there are the 5 reel and multiple pay line games (know about how slots or pokies paylines work). These games vary in complexity from straightforward slots games to veritable computer games with second screens, diverse animations and interactive features.

Casino Slot Types

Playing the Odds

As pointed out, with online slots games, players should always play with the highest possible returns possible. The more money placed upon the spin, the proportionately larger will be the winnings. Playing casino online slots will also attract a multitude of bonuses.

The greatest single attraction of casino online slots is the lure of potentially large jackpots for fairly small stakes. The possibility of winning a life-altering amount of money for a small investment. The bigger casino online slots game jackpots include wins of 35 million dollars or more, and, for instance the Megabucks machines in Nevada start their jackpots at 5 million dollars. Many top casinos have a winners’ wall where the biggest winners are honoured.

Slots game pay-outs in casinos range from 75 percent, which is the original standard for slot machines, to well over 95%, the currently expected levels that competition has created. These return to player percentages are naturally merely an average, and not achievable all the time, but with most top casinos independently audited, we can be confident that casino online slots are more worthwhile playing than ever.