Street Fighter 2 Slot in Detail for Gamblers Online

Street Fighter 2 is an iconic and genre defining arcade title by Capcom. NextGen gaming has turned the arcade fighting game into an online slot title. It features 5 reels and 25 pay lines. NextGen has also incorporated a truly unique bonus feature that puts you in one on one combat with the series’s main villian, M Bison.

The Street Fighter 2 online slot includes an Autoplay function, maximum pay out of 5000 times your wager and a maximum bet per spin of $500. The minimum wager requirement is $0.01. The average Return To Player is 95.34%. When you start the game you can select one of five characters who come into play during the titles feature bonus round. The sound effects have been taken straight from the arcade game’s sound banks and will be familiar to anybody who has heard the arcade cabinet in action.

The Street Fighter 2 Pay Symbols

Street Fighter 2 slot features iconic pay symbols to those familiar with the arcade title. The standard pay symbols feature the card value, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and the nine and ten like you might have observed in many slots. These symbols will activate a winning combination for three or more matching symbols on a pay line that the player has activated. These symbols will pay out a minimum of 10 to 20 coins. The maximum pay out of five matching symbols will pay out between 100 and 250 coins.

The unique symbols are made up of four recognizable images from the game. Chun Li’s spiked wrist guards are worth a maximum of 500 coins. Dhalsim’s skull necklace is worth a maximum of 1000 coins. Balrog’s red boxing gloves are worth 3000 coins and Vega’s mask and claw are worth 5000 coins.

The Street Fighter 2 Scatter Symbol

The Street Fighter 2 logo on a blue background is the in game scatter symbol. This symbol does not require an activated pay line in order to trigger. You simply need two or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Two symbols will pay out one coin, three will trigger a payout of 5 coins, and four pay out 20 coins while 5 will award players 100 coins.

The Street Fighter 2 Feature Bonus

Street Fighter 2 is known for pitting twio characters against each other in hand to hand combat. NextGen have found a way to transfer that experience to an online slot title. The character that you select at the start of the game will appear on the reels along with the other in game symbols. Whenever your character lands on the second reel and the game’s villian M Bison appears on the fourth reel, the slot’s bonus feature will trigger. The screen will expand and display these two characters on opposite ends of the play screen.

Reels one, three and five will now respin, containing a new set of symbols. You will see fists, boots, fists and boots as well as a star shaped symbol appear on the reels. Every symbol that appears on reel one will represent your characters attacking moves. Feet and fists will damage the villian, while the star symbol will initiate your players special attack. Any symbnols that appear on reel five will do the same but for the game’s villian, who will in turn damage your character. Each successful attack landed by your character will reward youy with a cash bonus. The ultimate aim of this round being to reduce the villian’s life bar displaid at the top of the reels to zero. If you manage to defeat M Bison you will receive a big cash bonus at casino.