An Introduction to the Option of Mobile Casino Play

Mobile Casino Play

Online casinos have already been a major leap forward in terms of convenience. Being able to have twenty four hour a day instant access to thousands of casino games is nothing to sneeze at, especially since the designs of modern online casinos drip with user friendly mechanics. This convenience has gone to a whole new level with modern smart phones, which offer all the accessibility of standard online casinos, but make them entirely portable. It can be said that a person has a potable casino in their pocket, and if that doesn’t blow your mind, nothing will.

A modern smart phone has fast internet connectivity, which makes a great deal possible, not in the least accessing online casino websites. The problem with online casinos is that although they are often designed to be mobile friendly, there is no guarantee that every model of smart phone is going to have 100% perfect compatibility. A user may be forced to look at a webpage as if through a keyhole, having to scroll the page around to find what they are looking for. Online casinos are now being designed specifically for smart phones, which alleviates these problems and offers the best experience possible on a mobile device.

Home Computer to Mobile Device

A mobile device can access casino websites directly, as has already been said, and any games played will run in their original online form. This is generally not a problem, but for the also already mentioned compatibility issues. The game may be stretched beyond the borders of the screen in some cases, which can cause problems. On a tablet these problems are far less likely, but on a mobile phone the issues can get extremely noticeable. Hence, why mobile casinos were developed. Mobile casinos will specifically fit the screens of tablet or smart phone, offering a more precise game playing experience.

Some mobile casino games are available to download to the hard drive of a device, allowing them to live on the device and be easily accessible via a permanent icon. These games will often be ports of casino games available online, and will have also been adapted to work on a mobile device. Most are identical to their online counterparts, with the simple addition of making the controls friendlier for a touch screen. Games that have been downloaded to a device need not load the data required for the game from the internet beyond the first time. This makes them much faster to load up, and accessible faster and more conveniently. These games can be downloaded form a mobile casino website or application, and are also often available from application stores.

Mobile Gambling

Smart Phone Versus Tablet Mobile Casino

Mobile casinos are generally designed to be played both on a smart phone or tablet like tring out iPad pokies, as the user prefers. Both devices are considered to be of the same category, although the two obviously have differences. Tablets have big, high quality screens and longer battery life, but aren’t going to be fitting in any pockets. Smart phones have smaller screens and less battery life, but put them in a pocket and you can forget about them. In terms of mobile casinos, these same pros and cons apply.

As far as mobile casinos go, however, many prefer to play on a tablet, if they are going to be playing for more than a few minutes. The large screen of a tablet means, very simply, that there is more screen to touch, and this offers unparalleled precision when playing a game. It also helps that high quality images just look great on such a big screen. It really is a matter of preference, of course, and anyone who wants to slip in a few games of roulette while in queue at the bank will likely look a lot less conspicuous with a phone as apposed to a tablet.

Free Play or Real Money Play

Yes, mobile casino games can be played for real money, anywhere, any time. But, the games are also available to play for free. It is up to the player and their preference, which is one of the things that make mobile casinos so appealing. Everyone loves a tense game of multiplayer online poker, where winning means a bit of extra cash in your pocket. Little compares with the levels of excitement such a game playing experience can offer. But sometimes a nice relaxing game of poker where no money is at stake is all a person really wants. Plus, it really is a good idea to practice and hone your skills with free poker before putting down any cash. Remember, 95% of the poker games played by poker professionals are not for any money at all, but practice.

Playing for real money is easy. An account will have to be created with the mobile casino, which takes just a few moments of time. Details such as a name, email address and phone number will be required, and the account will become instantly active. Of course, starting funds will be required, so a bank account will have to be linked as well. The funds transfer will appear in the casino account instantly. And want to get some of those winnings back into the bank? Its done in just a few taps, but remember to let a few days pass for the money to be transferred and appear in the bank account.

Watch Your Signal

So mobile casinos offer an incredible level of convenience, there is no question about it. The only think for a casino game player on a mobile device to keep an eye on is phone signal. For real money play to be possible, the game must communicate with a central server, and this means that the phone must have a steady connection to the internet while the game is playing. If the mobile device drops signal, the game will wait until signal returns, and may eventually crash. This isn’t great news, especially if you were in a game of multiplayer poker and had money on the table. In other words, keep an eye on your device signal before starting a real money game. Otherwise, free play doesn’t normally require signal, so never hesitate to get in some skill sharpening practice.