Merlins Magic Respins Christmas Slot Introduced Online

Merlins Magic Respins Christmas Slot Introduced

The Merlins Magic Respins Christmas slot is brought to you by Next Gen games. It is the Christmas version of Merlins Magic Respins, featuring an abundance of Christmas themed decorations, but is otherwise the exact same game. This is not a bad thing, however, as the original game was an excellent slot experience, and adding Christmas decorations has certainly not detracted from the quality. If anything, this is just a reason to give the excellent slot game a second go.

The graphics in the Merlins Magic Respins Christmas slot game are outstanding, with a fully animated 3D Merlin standing to the left of the play area. He was a well known and loved feature of the original game, and returns in the Christmas version complete with a Santa Clause hat. As previously, he reacts to the events happening on the reels, and will even help out occasionally if the mood strikes him. Love that magic man, he is an outstanding ally.

Game Play Features

As previously, the game uses a 5 reel, 50 betting line system. And as previously there is no option for the player to adjust the online bettingĀ lines. Thankfully, however, the Super Bet feature has likewise returned, which can be activated by tapping Excalibur on the right of the play area. By selecting the sword new options will be revealed, which range between +1 to +5. These numbers indicate the number of wilds which will be added to the reels, as anyone who has played the original game will know. The feature must be used cautiously though, as adding wilds will also automatically raise the betting amount.

Notice that the gamble feature is present in the Merlins Magic Respins Christmas slot, which can be found to the left of the spin button. After any win the player may press the gamble button for a chance at doubling their initial win. This is done by guessing the colour of a facedown card, which is really about as simple a choice as one could ask for. Use the feature with caution, however, as the card guessing can become an addictive little game all of its own.

Icons of Merlins Magic Respins Christmas Slot

Bonus and Special Features

Like offers in other real pokies, in the Merlins Magic Respins Christmas slot, Merlin has again got your back. Occasionally the wizard will blast a symbol on the reels, which will turn it into a wild. This is not only beautifully animated, but will also be a welcome bonus whenever it occurs. If only the player could somehow control when Merlin decided to be helpful. There is no influencing the magic man, however, and the extra wilds occur completely at random.

Another bonus to look out for is the scatter symbol, which appears as a golden cauldron. If this symbol matches it will grant 7 free spins. Plus, during the free spins Merlin will be extra active, blasting symbols into wilds more often. This, of course, results in an extremely lucrative 7 free spins, which are all but guaranteed to give massive payouts. Maybe Merlin can be bribed into being so generous during the standard game?