Explaining Free Bets for New Zealand Punters

If you are looking for great free bets available to New Zealand sports betting fanatics, you have come to the right place.  With almost all of the big online sportsbooks offering brilliant free bets when you sign up for membership and ongoing weekly specials offering all kinds of discounts, promotions and specials, you really just need to get signing up.

Signing Up to Online Bookmakers

The whole process of signing up for free bets with online bookmakers and sportsbooks could never be easier.  For most it is a simple process of entering your email address, your name, and then using an e-wallet service like Skrill, Webmoney or NETeller to activate your bank account so that your withdrawals and deposits travel smoothly and quickly from your online sports betting account to your bank account for your winnings.  Once you have signed up you will get all of your account information sent to you, along with all of the special offers and free bets which you are entitled to.

New Zealand Punters Entitled to Free Bets

There are such a vast range of international betting websites and sportsbooks available to sports betting fans in New Zealand, and the range of free bets offered by them is truly staggering. Some websites make it easy for you to compare the different types of these bonus bets available to you, making your job of selecting which accounts to open even easier.

Sometimes you will need to make a deposit into your online betting account to activate your free bets, (these are called match deposits) and often they will need to be used within a month, but the terms and conditions are clearly explained and you don’t need to sign up for anything with strings attached, as there are so many great, simple free bets available.

Even better, with many sports betting websites, if you lose the bet you placed with your sign-up free wager, it is refunded to you for playing with again, so absolutely no risk to you whatsoever, just a lot of fun and sports speculation awaits you.

Regular Daily and Weekly Special Offers

There are always different regular promotions, for example a Monday double deposit bonus, or big competitions on huge international games and matches.  By checking the sportsbooks’ offers on a regular basis (this may also mean signing up for a special offers email daily or weekly in your account settings), you will never miss a free bet opportunity again.

Mobile and Desktop Betting

The free bets offered to you by the big sportsbooks are available to you regardless of whether you use your smart phone or a desktop or laptop computer. The more you bet on sports the more you will learn what types of wagers seem to work better for you, and you can practice and play around with your free bets to get this kind of valuable information for yourself.  You will then also figure out how to truly utilise the free bets to vastly increase your winning potential and wagering power as you play more regularly.