An Exclusive Introduction to the Three Musketeers Online Slot

The Three Musketeers slot, created by QuickSpin, is a dazzling online casino game. It features an impressive visual and audio design, based on the well-known story of the three legendary characters. The game is based on a five reel twenty line playing system, and requires, as with all slot machine games, the player to make an initial upfront bet, after which the reels are spun. If matching sequences are created when the reels stop, payouts are made according to the value of the sequence.

There are also a number of bonus and special features, which involve not only big payouts, but enchanting animations and delightful music. Don’t forget that this game may be played for free, or for real money, as the player prefers. In order to play for free, please ensure that you are logged into a valid account, and that funds are available. For more information on how to add funds to an account, please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.

Unique Visual and Sound Features

The game has a unique and enchanting sound design of the best mobile pokies, which allows the music to change and evolve as the game progresses. With each spin the music will change and become more exciting, swelling to a crescendo when wins are achieved. The visual deign, equally as dazzling, is also sure to impress, featuring professional artwork and engaging special effects. All in all the three musketeers is a highly impressive online slot machine game, one that is a delight simply to experience, even when major wins are not achieved.

Three Musketeers Icons

The theme of the game is exceptionally well executed, using professional artwork that brings the three well known characters to life. Each of the three musketeers has his own picture icon, and if triggered will animate for extra entertainment value. Other picture icons include the corrupt noble, as well as the beautiful yet deadly trickster, and of course three swords.

The generic ace, jack, queen, king of playing cards are also used. In order to achieve a win, any of these icons must match with themselves at least three times, and up to a maximum of five times. Read on to learn about the special bonus sequences, which, when triggered, can result in massive payouts.

Special Musketeer Bonuses

In the Three Musketeers online casino game the three swords are the bonus icons. If three or more swords are matched they will trigger a bonus spin sequence. During this sequence there is a chance for a jackpot payout, if all three musketeers are shown, but all wins will always payout more then normal.

The joker icon will indicate how big the multiplier is for each win is, matching with the tile directly beside it. It is even possible to compound and win more free spins. Hope to see as many sword tiles as possible when you play, as this is where the real money is in the Three Musketeers game. Also note that the joker icon works during standard play, and can match with any other icon as a substitute, except the sword icon.