Comparing Live Versus Online Poker

If we think of casinos, we immediately think of poker. It is probably the most iconic casino game that there is and has been portrayed in countless movies and series alike. As old as what the game is, as many variations of the game do you find. From Jacks or Better to Texas Hold’em and that is just in the live version of the game where people sit around an actual table and play with real chips.

Then came online poker and shook the world. Now you could you enjoy the joy of poker while sitting in your lounge or during your lunch break without having to travel to a casino. It is important to know the mayor differences between the two versions, live and online. Probably the biggest difference between the two is the number of tables that you can play at any given time.

When you are sitting in casino you are limited to playing at one poker table at a time, for reasons that are of course rather obvious. There is only one of you. Whereas when you are playing online poker you are able to play as many tables at the same time as what you can manage. Because you do not have to physically sit at a table. Your internet connection and concentration are the only factors that will place a limit on your number of tables.

Speed of the Game

The second biggest difference between the two is the speed factor. When you are sitting in a casino you have to wait for all the players at the table and the dealer to make their moves and place their bets, before the game can continue. Because some players are calculative and the dealer’s job is to be the winner, this can sometimes take quite long.

Online poker is a computer-generated program that works with algorithms that move instantaneously. The game can therefore run at a much faster pace determined by the speed at which your fingers can click your mouse. Of course, if you are playing online poker with a live dealer this is not always the case as even though you are playing online, it is still a live game.

Availability is Key

When visiting a casino, it is not to say that the poker tables will be open. Even if you visit a 24-hour gaming venue it is not to say that there will be space for you at a table, which means you will have to wait your turn to play. As you can imagine, this can be a rather large inconvenience, especially to the player that goes to the casino especially for poker.

With online poker you will always be able to log onto your favourite poker game and play immediately. There are no time slots that the tables are open and there are no ques that you might have to wait in.

It is not to say that one is better than the other, but each version has its own disadvantages and advantages. It is really up to the player to decide which works best for them.