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Stacy’s Knights

Stacy’s Knights is an American drama film that follows the life of a young woman who is fairly skilled in the game of blackjack and plots her revenge after a crooked casino throws her into a world of fear, swindling and murder.

This film presents an on-screen production lasting 100 minutes and carries an underlying message, which was popular in gambling films, that warns audiences of the dangers involved with the world of grifting and gambling.

Stacy’s Knights is also known as Double Down, The Touch for the American video title and Winning Streak for the British video title.

Cast & Crew

Stacy’s Knights was directed by the award-winning Jim Wilson, who would later go on to receive an Academy Award for Best Picture Film of 1990 for his involvement in the famous movie, Dances With Wolves. In fact, he shared the award with the producer of Dances with Wolves, Kevin Costner, who acts in one of the lead roles in Stacy’s Knights. This film was produced by Ann Locktov producer, David L. Peterson and Freddy Sweet, while the story was written by Michael Blake.

Kevin Costner plays the role of a card sharp, Will Bonner, who takes Stacy under his wing. Andra Millian plays Stacy Lancaster, the main character in the story, with Eve Lilith playing the role of Jean Dennison and Mike Reynolds as Shecky Poole. Other actors featured on the cast list include Garth Howard as Mr. C., Ed Semenza as The Kid, Don Hackstaff as Lawyer, Loyd Catlett as Buster, Cheryl Ferris as Marion, Gary Tilles as Rudy, Roge Roush as Rollin.

Stacy’s Knights Plot

Stacy’s Knight begins following the life of a tourist – a young woman by the name of Stacy Lancaster who is keen on the game of blackjack, and it appears she has quite a talent for it too. A chance encounter with the son of a card sharp, Will Bonner, leads to an increasing interest in the world of gambling until Stacy dives straight into the deep end and acquires training from the trickster.

After a hearty amount of training, the two take on the dealer at a casino in Reno, Nevada and reap the rewards when Stacy is successful in counting cards. The no-longer timid woman is discovered by the casino management, who happen to be members of the mob, and a cheating dealer is assigned to play in an effort to put an end to her winning streak of trickery. Eventually, after a few brave moves made by the small-time gambler, the casino management organises to have Will killed in the hopes that the message would be clear, as well as the last they’d have to send.

Outraged by the ruthless killing of her coach and her companion, Stacy puts forth the motion to recruit some of the finest online casino players in blackjack, and teach them the tricks of the trade. She hopes to avenge Will’s murder by also disguising herself and hitting the crooked casino for all it’s got.

Release and Reception

The film Stacy’s Knight was released in June of 1983 with it being panned by most critics. It was given a rating of 4.7 out of 10 on the Internet Movie Database, with a rating of a mere 17% on Rotten Tomatoes and AlloCine rating it 2,9 out of 5.