Talking about Wiesbaden Casino for Gamblers

Wiesbaden Casino is situated in the city of Wiesbaden which is an old spa resort town and the capital of the German state of Hesse. Wiesbaden is part of the Frankfurt Rhine Main Region which consists of other cities like Mainz and Darmstadt. The casino itself is situated nearby a variety of other attractions that Wiesbaden has to offer and is about 30km’s away from the airport in Frankfurt Germany.

The name Wiesbaden translates to mean meadow baths which is what the city is famous for as there are a variety of hot springs that date back as far as the city itself. The city is internationally recognized for its architecture and climate and dates back as far as the Neolithic era and holds a very long and rich history. The Wiesbaden Casino first opened in 1810 but in 1872 the Prussian imperial government outlawed German gambling houses but by 1949 the casino was reopened.

The Wiesbaden Casino in the Kurhaus

The Kurhaus, which means the cure house, is the central convention space for the city of Wiesbaden. The venue is home to multiple events throughout the year and the casino which is located in the old spa house wine room. The Kurhaus colonnade, which is believed to be the longest columned hall in Europe, is where the slot machines are located. The Kurhaus is divided into a North wing and a South wing. The north wing is home to the Wiesbaden Casino, the dining establishment and a small ballroom called the Christian Zais Hall. The South wing houses the concert hall and smaller function rooms.

The Wiesbaden Casino is said to allow the highest stakes for roulette in Germany and is notable for the inspiration behind the novel, The Gambler, which was written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Certain formal attire is required as per the dress code and visitors may be liable for a small entrance fee. A dining establishment that also has a bar area is available in the casino where a variety of dishes are served every day in the evening for dinner.

Features and Games at Wiesbaden Casino

The casino is open from midday until 4am in the morning and more than 90% of the revenue goes to Hessen County and the Wiesbaden City Council.

Like options at, the Kurhaus colonnade offers more than 150 slot machines ranging from traditional slots to video slots and progressive jackpots. A range of video poker variants are available as well as other electronic game machines like touch bet roulette and more. Wiesbaden Casino has a variety of different speciality games like keno and bingo and the main casino area has a host of different table games. The various table games on offer include blackjack; roulette; craps and more.

Poker is available in the dedicated poker room which houses a variety of poker tables and hosts regularly held poker tournaments. Texas hold ‘em and Omaha are two of the most popular poker games which are playable with a variety of limits. The regular poker tournaments at Wiesbaden Casino include five weekly tournaments; 200 Euro Monday; Deep Stack Sunday; Christmas poker festival tournament and more.