The Caulfield Cup

Horse racing in Australia and New Zealand is currently more popular than ever, and there are events held in both countries that have become extremely well known around the world. One of these events is the Caulfield Cup, which is held every year within Australia.

The Caulfield Cup has also become one of the most popular events to bet on, and Australian and other international bookmaking sites offer various betting options for the event, allowing for those bettors from New Zealand, Australia, or indeed even abroad to take part in the event with the chance of winning some money.

What Is The Caulfield Cup

This horse racing event is a group 1 thoroughbred race held under handicap conditions, restricted to horses that are three years and older. The event is held every year at the Caulfield racecourse, which is found in Melbourne, Australia. The racecourse itself is at a distance of 2400 meters, and winners of the event stand the chance of walking away with up to three million Australian dollars, making it one of the most profitable horse races in the world. The event is held every year during the final day of the MRC Spring Carnival in October.

Horses entered into the race are required to be at least three years old, and a ballot system is set in place to choose and order the horses and riders that are allowed entry. Winners of the Herbert Power Stakes and Listed Mornington Cup are automatically enlisted in the Caulfield Cup event.

History of The Caulfield Cup

The Caulfield Cup gained popularity within Australia before the start of the Second World War, with some of the most notable races being held between 1937 and 1943. The Caulfield Cup continued to grow in popularity over the decades, and has become one of the most enjoyed sporting events within Australia, and bookmakers now offer the sport as a betting option to bettors from around the world.

Betting On The Caulfield Cup

Horse race betting, in general, has become the staple of just about every bookmaking website on the planet, and this has made unique racing events especially popular over the last few years. The Caulfield Cup is one of these events, and thanks to the power of the Internet, bettors have access to both betting and live coverage of the event that is often offered by the bookmaking site that they are signed up with.

Some of the bets available on the Caulfield Cup included ante post betting, which is any bet placed at least a day in advance, and tote pool betting, which is a normal bet that has unique odds attached to it. For those new to the horseracing scene, one of the most important aspects of betting on horses is the race card. A race card displays all information regarding the horse and the rider, such as the age and health of the horse, as well as how many times it has won or lost over its lifetime.

The Caulfield Cup a Favourite

The Caulfield Cup remains a favourite among horse racing fans, and is one of the best events to get started for new bettors.