Fun Casino Facts That You Never Knew

The world offers multiple over the top, glitzy and flamboyant casinos where people can visit. But of course, all of this had to start somewhere.

While all countries like to boast about their casinos it is only the Italians that can truly say that they started the casino industry. Even the word casino is Italian. Casino comes from the root word casa which literally means house. The term was largely used to describe summer houses and social clubs alike. It is also a common fact that organised gambling can be traced back to 1638 in Venice.

Lifechanging Pay-outs

A Pay-out that could change your life is one of the main reasons that the average person frequents the casino. But let’s be honest, they are few and far between. It was therefore noticeable when in 2003 a Los Angeles Software Engineer decided to try and win big with his $100 that he took to the Excalibur Casino. He decided to wager his money on the Megabucks and then won the life changing jackpot of $39.7million.

The Pay-out of $39.7million is of course an exceptional one and the LA man can be glad that he won it in 2003 and not some hundred years before then. Early slot machines were designed as entertainment in bars and even though you could win a jackpot on them, the jackpot was not a fixed prize. Instead the bar owner was at liberty to giveaway free prizes as you win. This was often done in the form of free drinks.

Don Johnson (this might be an alias) in one day, single handily, ruined the Tropicana in Atlantic City. The very skilled blackjack player struck gold when he in one day accumulated winnings to the value of $6million. If that in itself isn’t impressive enough, before that he also had a total wining of about $9million, although that sum was not made in a single day. Still, it was impressive enough to get him banned from most Atlantic City casinos.

Weird Casinos and Rules

From gambling to Grand Prix, we are all familiar with Monaco. Monaco is home to one of the worlds best casinos, the Monte Carlo Casino of course. Everyone that has ever travelled there will tell you of its splendour, but don’t ask a local about it as they are not allowed to gamble there. In the 1800’s, Princess Caroline made it illegal for any citizen of Monaco to gamble there, making it a strict tourist attraction. Although it is a downer for the citizens, in return for their cooperation, they do not pay taxes, as all taxes are payed by money made from the casino.

State Prison in Las Vegas used to have a casino. You read that correctly, for 35 years, from 1932 to 1967 the inmates of the prison could gamble in an on-site building called the Bullpen. A new warden from California closed the prison casino saying that it degraded the prisoners.

Knowing these fun facts are sure to create a great conversation at any card game that you might host or attend.