Hopman Cup Betting Options Online

The World of Hopman Cup Betting at Online Bookmakers

The Hopman Cup is an international indoor hard court tennis tournament that takes place once a year in Perth, situated in Western Australia. It usually takes place in early January of every year, although it has been known to start in late December as well, and mixed-gender teams face off against one another on a country-by-country basis in the final rounds of this Cup.

Online bookmakers providing betting options for the Hopman Cup are widely available online, with some wagers having odds provided long before the Cup begins, and punters interested in laying a wager will very quickly be able to find the odds and markets they are looking for.

Details and History of the Hopman Cup Tennis Tournament

Hopman Cup teams feature one male and one female player, from eight different countries around the world, who compete against one another in a round-robin format. Countries are divided into two groups, A and B, and players will then engage in one men’s and women’s singles match each, in that order, against each of the other three teams in their particular group, before the winners pair for a mixed doubles game. The top team from each group then faces off in the final in order to determine the tournament’s overall winner.

This tennis tournament was named after the late lamented Harry Hopman, a one-time Australian tennis player and coach who help the country win 15 Davis Cup titles between the years 1938 and 1969. The tournament moved to the indoor Perth Arena in 2013, and the main stadium is able to accommodate as many as 12 500 spectators.

Betting on the Hopman Cup Tennis Tournament Online

Punters who wish to watch and lay wagers on the outcomes of the Hopman Cup at online bookmakers will find the process a very easy, user-friendly one. They will simply have to sign into the account they have opened at an online bookmaker offering markets for these tennis matches, or make use of a comparison site in order to find the best place at which to do so, making sure to find one that allows for international streaming options, depending on where the punters is located.

There are many tennis betting markets available for the Hopman Cup, including match bets; set wagers; various prop bets; tennis parlay wagers; and live betting, but the most popular by far are futures bets.

Futures bets are wagers where the punter is asked to select who he or she thinks will be the player to win the tournament as a whole. Odds for futures bets are posted before the event begins, and the sooner the punter lays his or her bets in this category, the better these odds will be.

Some internet’s top digital betting sites who operate online will also provide futures bets for players who rank number one worldwide, taking not only the Hopman Cup but various other tennis events into account as well, and the unpredictability of these standings make these wagers a risky, yet potentially very profitable, option for punters to take advantage of.